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Mens Costumes

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Mens Disco Costumes

You may or may not have been around in the 1970s. Either way, men's disco costumes are worth the trip down memory lane. You can relive your heyday or simply try to imagine what it was like to be alive during this very funky era by wearing a 70s costume and gettin' down with your bad self.

  • Men's Groovy Dancer Costume
    Men's Groovy Dancer Costume
    Reduced Price: $49.99
    Reg: $64.99
  • Men's Lime Leisure Suit Costume
    Men's Lime Leisure Suit Costume
    Reg: $39.99
  • Men's Disco Sleazeball Costume
    Men's Disco Sleazeball Costume
    Reg: $59.99
  • Men's Saturday Night Fever Disco Costume
    Men's Saturday Night Fever Disco Costume
    Reg: $49.97
  • Scarface Adult Costume
    Scarface Adult Costume
    Reg: $47.97
  • Men's Green Groovy Shirt
    Men's Green Groovy Shirt
    Reg: $24.99
  • Disco Fever Adult Costume
    Disco Fever Adult Costume
    Reg: $34.97
  • Disco Fever Adult Plus Costume
    Disco Fever Adult Plus Costume
    Reg: $39.97
  • Gold Glitter Adult Disco Shirt
    Gold Glitter Adult Disco Shirt
    Reduced Price: $79.99
    Reg: $79.99
  • Men's Groovy Boogie Costume
    Men's Groovy Boogie Costume
    Reg: $64.99
  • White Disco Pants
    White Disco Pants
    Reg: $36.97
  • Men's Boogie Nights Costume
    Men's Boogie Nights Costume
    Reg: $64.99
  • Hustle Hunk Shirt
    Hustle Hunk Shirt
    Reg: $28.99
  • Men's Disco Dude Shirt Costume
    Men's Disco Dude Shirt Costume
    Reg: $34.99
  • Boogie Night Shirt Adult Costume
    Boogie Night Shirt Adult Costume
    Reg: $42.99
12   View All

Everyone who has seen a movie from the disco era has seen the wild and vivid fashions associated with Disco. All the tight jeans, the massive chains and the flashy dress shirts and leisure suit jackets the men wore were just awful. They make much better Halloween costumes that actual clothes. What on earth were guys thinking back then? I guess they needed those sparkling and flashy fabrics to get the women's attentions under the light of the disco ball!

You could be the classy swinger type with a sharp looking leisure suit or the suave disco king with a metallic colored polyester shirt with white bell bottoms and platform shoes. Gold chains and 70s disco wigs will help you achieve the look of the stereotypical 70s disco man.

Flashy style and a lot of polyester is what you will find with our adult disco costumes for men. This assortment of disco get-ups is so authentic you're sure to have classic songs by Earth, Wind and Fire and The Village people stuck in your head before it even arrives at your doorstep! Recall all the fond memories of this special age in music with style. When you order one of our superb mens disco costumes you'll be ready to dance the night away like the king of boogey!

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