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Choosing a costume for your Halloween event can be exhausting. Traditionally, mens costumes were limited to characters from horror movies, or historical figures. Those are great costumes, but you want to be different. Your costume should reflect who you are and what you enjoy. Too bad they don't sell men's drinking costumes, right? Or, do they?

Have you ever played Beer Pong? It's a popular party game that involves tossing ping pong balls into cups of beer. The better you play, the worse your aim becomes. What better way to score than to BE the game? You can be, in one of the Beer Pong costumes you will find in the men's drinking costumes!

If your party or event is being held at a tavern or bar, how much fun could it be to come as a colorful character? You can find the Bar Fly at any pub. After a few drinks, the Party Animal is on the prowl. There are even costumes for those who drink "religiously". The Big Shot Scott and Tequila Popn Dude bring their own supply of their favorite beverage and add an international flair! Whether you want to be the beverage itself by wearing a Keg costume or a Colt 45 Costume or be the supplier of drinks by wearing the Dr. Shots Costume, we've got the ideal Men's Drinking Costume for you.

When the party is dull and boring, what can you do? Let Beer Man save the day with his belt of brewed beverages! Too late even for a super hero? Sounds like it's time to call out the emergency personnel. Quick, the party needs Fill 'Er Up Fireman! His fire extinguishers/beverage dispensers will save the day. So, raise your glasses! Whatever you choose, you can add fun, and maybe a little fizz, to any occasion. For just a laugh, or for interactive fun, one of these men's drinking costumes for Halloween will make you the life of the party!