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Mens Costumes

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Fruits & Vegetables

Fruit and vegetable costumes are a simple, funny option for Halloween or costume parties. Unlike many outfits for adults, fruit and vegetables aren't sexualized. Plus, everyone looks good as an apple or a bunch of grapes, not just those who are fit and thin. The flexibility makes them popular among men, women and children. Whether for their simplicity, their ambiguity or their natural charm, these healthy options are a hit every year.

  • Unisex Adult Carrot Costume
    Unisex Adult Carrot Costume
    Reg: $38.99
  • Men's Lightweight Banana Costume
    Men's Lightweight Banana Costume
    Reg: $31.99
  • Adult Orange Costume
    Adult Orange Costume
    Reg: $79.97
  • Unisex Adult Peas In A Pod Costume
    Unisex Adult Peas In A Pod Costume
    Reg: $39.97
  • Adult Pear Costume
    Adult Pear Costume
    Reg: $74.99
  • Get Real - Apple
    Get Real - Apple
    Reg: $36.97
  • Purple Grapes Adult Costume
    Purple Grapes Adult Costume
    Reg: $99.99
  • Men's Banana Hoodie Costume
    Men's Banana Hoodie Costume
    Reg: $36.99
  • Unisex Corn Stalker Costume
    Unisex Corn Stalker Costume
    Reg: $54.97
  • Adult Deluxe Banana Costume
    Adult Deluxe Banana Costume
    Reg: $42.99
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Dressing up as a fruit or vegetable rather than a character or other type of living (or undead) thing is a unique choice around Halloween time. Dressed as a big, juicy bunch of grapes, red or green, makes it is easy to stand out in a crowd. The ever-popular banana is slim and simple yet bold. No one has to guess the specifics; everyone knows what a tomato, stalk of celery or apple looks like.

You'll be sure to start conversations. Since these looks are unassuming and unobtrusive, the people inside of them are considered friendly and approachable. A carrot can walk up to anyone at a party and not only have a way to start a conversation, but will also be perceived as easy going and amiable.

Looking good on Halloween night is important yet often tricky, especially if the costume needs to be family-friendly. Zombies and monsters are great, but they aren't necessarily the best for family-oriented parties. For men, dressing as a fruit or vegetable is an easy way to be dressed up in a way that is appropriate and entertaining and even funny (remember the Fruit of the Loom guys). For a simple outfit with bright colors, recognizability, and that sets a good example, fthese are the way to go.