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Mens Humorous Costumes

Laughter feels good! If you want to feel good too then choose a Halloween costume that will make people laugh. Maybe you want to be the center of attention at your next costume party, or you've grown weary of the haunting atmosphere that is associated with Halloween. Fear not; laugh instead by wearing one of our adult humorous costumes for men.

You'll be the talk of any party when you show up wearing a humorous costume. In fact, funny costumes get a lot more attention than scary costumes because everyone expects people to dress scary at Halloween. Seeing something funny is a change of pace that catches people off guard. Take you pick from G-rated like the inflatable Sumo wrestler or the Men's Tinkerbelly to R-rated costumes like Double Occupancy and the Borat Mankini. If you've got the guts, we've got some wild and crazy humorous costumes for men.

In general, humorous costumes usually come with everything you need and you seldom need to purchase separate accessories. Some exceptions may include clown costumes, for which you might purchase makeup or props. The most important thing that you must add however, if your sense of humor.

Our selection of mens Humorous costumes will leave your friends dying of laughter the instant you step into the door! Laughter really is the best medicine, so get your daily dose of it today when you purchase one of our adults Humorous Costumes for men!