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Mens Costumes

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If you are looking for men's movie costumes, this is the place to go. We offer a variety of men's movie character costumes, so whether you are hoping to look seductive, super or just want to be a little silly, you should be able to find just the right costume for you on our website.

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Do you want to make a big impression and a grand entrance with your costume? Nobody does larger-than-life quite like Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp has inspired many colorful costumes. One good possibility is to get our Mad Hatter costume. Another is Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and yet another is The Edward Scissorhands movie costume. He sure does have a knack for creating memorable characters that appeal to people, escpically at Halloween.

Another option among men's movie character Halloween costumes is to go as Robin Hood. Since long before the days of Errol Flynn, Robin Hood, the outlaw who steals from the rich to give to the poor, has been associated with adventure and virility. With the classic Robin Hood costume, you will look ready for business in your green garb, arrows and sword at the ready. Speaking of Movie Costumes of characters who are handy with a sword, let us not forget about the Zorro costume too!

If you want to show off some muscle, you could go for the Mr. Incredible costume or any on of our men's movie character costumes. Portraying a superhero will show your masuline side and well as you love for adventure. Plus, you'll look impressive with all of the fake muscles that come as a part of the costume. All of these men's movie costumes are like having a piece of Hollywood magic for Halloween.