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Mens 20's Costumes

In 1920s terms, our men's twenties Halloween costumes will make you look like the Big Cheese, real spiffy and dapper too! Instead of being a gangsta, be an old time gangster; the kind that stand on the sideboard of a 20s Ford while shooting at rival gangsters in a high speed chase. Back in those days, you could be a tough guy but you always dressed like a gentleman. Men's 20s costumes feature the look of the day which was always a suit.

The most popular look was the pinstripe suit, which has become synonymous with the gangster style. You may find it in black, white and dark blue. Occasionally the wild colored zoot suit will also be offered for sale. The common features are wide shoulders and a double breasted front.

Other pieces such as the fedora hat and wingtip shoes are a necessary party of making the perfect 20s costume for Halloween or a Roaring 20s theme party. Also, most men back then smoked to a cigar is a must. We sell prop cigars that help make your 20s costume even more realistic. You'll look just like a character from Boardwalk Empire.

Of course, not all men from the 20's were gangsters. They were nice young men that loved to see their girls get dolled-up for a night on the town. For this reason, Men's 20's Halloween costumes make the best costumes for couples. With your gal in her flapper outfit and you in your zoot suit, you'll make a winning combination.

Get your 20s costumes for men, along with all the authentic accessories for your Halloween costume party or 20's themed affair from us and save.