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Minnie Mouse Costumes

Minnie Mouse Costumes

Minnie Mouse is the female companion to Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse, both icons of the Disney Corporation since their creation in the 1920s. Her trademark outfit is a red polka dot dress with a matching bow and bows on her shoes. There is also a pink version of the Minnie Mouse costume. She has been portrayed in many different roles in Disney movies such as a queen and a Disney princess. We offer Minnie as a cheerleader so girls can have even greater variety of attire options.

Minnie Mouse is an attractive young lady with a girlish figure and good looks, for a mouse, that is. Toddlers, girls and even adults can wear a variety of costumes best suited for them. No matter the style, all are distinctively characteristic of Disney's creation.

Little girls love Minnie costumes because of their love of Disney. They can wear these for dress up, a trip to the Magic Kingdom and for Halloween. This type of versatility makes them great to give as a gift. Any young Disney fan will appreciate one. Teens and adults enjoy the nostalgia factor as well as the fact that they can choose a classic style or a flirtier outfit more geared toward women's tastes. Minnie Mouse is a best selling costume choice for girls and women of all ages.

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