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Pet & Mascot Costumes

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Dog Costumes

For pet parents, finding high quality dog Halloween costumes can be a challenge. We want our best friends to look their best for this fun holiday, but we also want them to be comfortable. High quality, comfortable Halloween costumes for dogs don't have to cost a small fortune.

Just because they are pet costumes, doesn't mean they have to be poor quality. Our dog and puppy costumes will look great year after year because we sell only high quality costumes. We offer competitive prices on our Halloween costumes for canines, so don't be fooled by our great prices. Because our costumes are made of high quality fabric, they are comfortable for puppies to wear. They won't scratch the canine's sensitive skin. When dogs get uncomfortable, they may start to scratch the costume. Also, cheap costumes with poor quality fabric and stitching can tear as the dog moves around and plays. So treat man's best friend to man's best!

  • Wonder Woman Pet Costume
    Wonder Woman Pet Costume
    Reg: $16.99
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Pet Costume
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Pet Costume
    Reg: $24.99
  • Darth Vader Pet Costume
    Darth Vader Pet Costume
    Reg: $16.99
  • Superman Pet Costume
    Superman Pet Costume
    Reg: $16.99
  • Multicolor Sombrero
    Multicolor Sombrero
    Reg: $4.99
  • Pink Tutu Pet Costume
    Pink Tutu Pet Costume
    Reg: $4.99
  • Afro Pet Wig
    Afro Pet Wig
    Reg: $4.99
  • Minion Pet Costume
    Minion Pet Costume
    Reg: $16.99
  • Captain America Pet Costume
    Captain America Pet Costume
    Reg: $14.99
  • Spider-Man 2 Pet Costume
    Spider-Man 2 Pet Costume
    Reg: $14.99
  • Batman Pet Costume
    Batman Pet Costume
    Reg: $16.99
  • Pet's Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Dog Costume
    Pet's Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Dog Costume
    Reg: $17.99
  • Yoda Pet Costume
    Yoda Pet Costume
    Reg: $15.99
  • Workshop Elf Dog Costume
    Workshop Elf Dog Costume
    Reg: $26.99
  • Snow Princess Pet Costume
    Snow Princess Pet Costume
    Reg: $23.99
123   View All

Dog Halloween costumes can be coordinated for two or more dogs. We offer Batman and Joker, cowboy and cowgirl, and other costumes that can be used as a pair or set. Dress your own pups in coordinating outfits, or go with a friend to coordinate your animals for Trick or Treating fun.

Dog costumes aren't just for Halloween. An elf costume is available for Christmas parties or pictures. A puppy dressed as an elf can accompany Santa to greet the children at a party or special event. Sports themed costumes will make your best friend ready for a sports party. On the other hand, if your pup doesn't like to wear a full costume, try a decorated hat or collar. They are adorable and made of high quality fabrics that won't scratch your pet and will withstand repeated use.

You love your furry friend, so treat him to a high quality costume that won't scratch him or pull his hair. Our dog costumes will last year after year, yet we can offer an affordable costume within your holiday budget.

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