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Pet & Mascot Costumes

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Farm Animals Mascot Costumes

Browse our amazing section of Farm Animal Mascots for some of the coolest critters that hang out in the barn. We carry a variety of awesome characters to choose from. We can help you look your best, whether it be for a birthday party, county fair, or seasonal outing. You will be ready to impress visitors with your attire and funky dance moves. You should look your finest when performing in front of a crowd, and we have the wardrobes that will provide you with that. Pick out your favorite and start practicing for the big event.

  • Men's Cow Mascot Costume
    Men's Cow Mascot Costume
    Reg: $79.97
  • Men's Duck Mascot Costume
    Men's Duck Mascot Costume
    Reg: $79.97
  • Hen Mascot Costume
    Hen Mascot Costume
    Reg: $1,499.99
  • Deluxe Chicken Mascot Costume
    Deluxe Chicken Mascot Costume
    Reg: $439.99
  • Two Person Cow Mascot Costume
    Two Person Cow Mascot Costume
    Reg: $549.99
  • Adult Two Person Horse Mascot Costume
    Adult Two Person Horse Mascot Costume
    Reg: $549.99
  • Men's Horse Mascot Costume
    Men's Horse Mascot Costume
    Reduced Price: $49.99
    Reg: $69.99
  • Horse Mascot Costume
    Horse Mascot Costume
    Reg: $499.99
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We offer all the popular barn animals. Depending on the situation, you can transform into any one of these creatures. A dairy farm would be an ideal place to sport a cow costume, as children come for trips to learn how milk gets made and processed. Dress up as a horse if you are hosting an equine event, or put on a duck disguise if your town is holding a rubber ducky race. There are plenty of wonderful opportunities to wear one of these outfits, and keep them for use at future affairs.

Delight the crowd with some playful rollicking donning one of our incredible Farm Animal Mascots Costumes.

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