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Pet & Mascot Costumes

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Gorilla Mascot Costumes

If you are looking for professional quality mascot gorilla costumes at incredibly affordable prices, look no further. You have found the internet's epicenter of all costumes, including professional ape suits that can be used for a number of occasions.

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Whether or not their mascot is a primate, hundreds of professional, college and high school sports teams have dressed someone like a monkey to dance around and entertain the crowd. Too often, the suit doesn't fit right or has some glaring inadequacy that garners most of the crowd's attention. Every single one of the Gorilla Mascot costumes we sell have been put together using creative design and quality materials.

The proportioning of the suit is accurate and the fur is thick, completely covering every square inch aside from the face, stomach, hands and feet, which are made of soft and pliable plastic. The suit is flexible, comfortable and lightweight. If you purchase one or more of our professional ape suits be sure to check out the innovative Kold Kollar and Kold Vest, two undergarments that rest against the bare skin of the torso and the neck, providing a cooling effect using pockets that hold reusable cooling packs. The additions are an excellent way to keep the person inside the suit in very comfortable temperatures, allowing them to stay in the outfit for hours at a time.

The uses of a monkey suit are limited only to the creativity of its owner. Aside from sports mascots, gorilla suits are commonly used in pranks and always make excellent costumes to wear to a Halloween party. Whatever your preference, please shop with the confidence of knowing that you will not find a better product anywhere else on the market.