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Pilgrim Costumes

Pilgrim costumes are essential for every school's Thanksgiving celebration and reenactment. Pilgrims are the best selling costumes by schools next to Colonial. Children across the country learn about how they sailed on the Mayflower and landed on Plymouth Rock. Together with children dressed in Indian looks they reenact the first Thanksgiving feast when they and the Indians sat peacefully to share the bounty of the autumn harvest. Boys and girls dress in Pilgrim costumes as an immersion experience in American history that makes learning fun.

Women's Pilgrim Costumes are true to the authentic style of their clothing. The ladies dresses featured a long black dress with long wide sleeves. Pilgrims were plain and simple so the only decoration on their dresses was a simple collar and the white apron more utilitarian than stylish. Their bonnets were also an important part of their wardrobe as it was customary to keep ones head covered. It may be simple but the look of it instantly puts you in the mood for turkey.

Men's Pilgrim Costumes are also an accurate example of early settler's wardrobe. The men's look features a black jacket with a white collar and cuffs, black pants, white socks and a top hat. They had very little departure from this very basic style of dress. The one bit of style you would find would be the gold or silver buckles on their shoes. Most Pilgrim costumes come with everything except the shoes which are sold separately. Whether worn by adults or children, Pilgrim outfits can make Thanksgiving a whole new experience. You'll look and feel like real founders of America.

To make purchasing Pilgrim costumes easy for consumers we offer same say shipping on orders place before 5pm. For schools, churches and organizations that are doing Thanksgiving plays and activities, we will gladly accept purchase orders.