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Plus Size Costumes

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Plus Size Cheerleader Costumes

Hip-Hip-Horray! When your team is in need of some encouragement and support, call on a cheerleader! Whether it is Halloween, a costume party, masquerade ball, or a game day, you will find the plus size cheerleader costume of your dreams that will let you rah-rah-rah and shish-boom-bah the night away.

  • Girl's Pink Cheerleader Kit
    Girl's Pink Cheerleader Kit
    Reg: $3.99
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Every woman who wants to be a cheerleader can put on the sexy outfit and wave those pom-poms with great enthusiasm in any of these sexy outfits. Nothing makes a girl feel more sporty than those short skirts and tops with the team's name or number boldly printed on them. Cheerleader costumes for sport teams such as the Dallas Cowboys as well a generic varsity and Team USA cheerleader outfits are available in plus sizes. They are crafted to fit great and look hot.

Not even for a moment should you think that being a plus size fit will be a problem. The costume will fit, flatter and have you dancing through the night. It will flatter your curves and still have you in comfort at the same time making you look your absolute best.

So dare to bare in a plus size cheerleader's costumes today.

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