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Plus Size Costumes

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Plus Size Couples Costumes

Plus size couples costumes are ideal for partying with your partner, friend, sibling or coworker. Styles such as the tacky tourist, cry baby and hoop clown put both of you in matching outfits. Others, including the 50s pink satin jacket, Beth/dog the bounty hunter couple and the Indian princess costume pair, complement each other putting you both the same theme. Some even need each other, such as the plug and socket, and Batman and Robin costume.

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If you are feeling shy about dressing up, plus size couples costumes are for you. Many people can feel a bit embarrassed about turning up to a party in a fun outfit. If you're going with someone else who is dressed the same, you'll find you have much more confidence.

In addition, if you want to make a bigger impact at the party, these looks will suit you perfectly. All eyes will be turned on you and your partner for the novelty value of having a paired costume. It is so much more interesting than just going alone.

Plus size couples costumes look much better than just arriving solo. If you're going to an event with someone else, it makes perfect sense to stick to the same theme. These costumes are also great for finding an outfit that suits a themed party.

With a plus size couples costume, you and your partner can look funny or unique, you can be a famous couple or crime fighting duo. Whatever you are looking for, whether for Halloween, a party or another event, you can go in style when you dress in costume with a partner.

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