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Plus Size Costumes

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Plus Size Indian Costumes

When you are dressing up for role play games, for costume parties or Halloween, you can fantasize being an American Indian dressed in native attire. Plus size Indians costumes are readily available to add spice to your role playing.

Looking for more? Check out our costume selection for: Womens, Mens, Teens, Boys, Girls, Baby and Sexy or visit our Indians theme page to shop for the whole family.

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The common perception of native Indians with headdresses, feathers and war paint on their faces may be embedded in the national psyche, but in reality, each tribe had its own costumes and traditions, with specific decorations which were unique to each tribe.

Originally Indians wore outfits made of animal skin, but these were gradually replaced by cloth around the 19th century. Fringes, beadwork, embroideries and other embellishments were in common usage as decoration and tribe identification. Now the plus size Indian costumes are a true reflection of original looks that we recognize from our history books.

Plus size Native American costumes are available in many variations and for both men and women so a couple can dress up as Indians together, if they choose. A nice choice for women is to be an Indian princess, complete with a wig and all of the Native accessories. The Pocahottie is a real stand-out that will flatter you nicely. Any of the men's costumes will make you look like a handsome brave. Upgrade to a large feathered headdress and you'll quickly become the tribal chief.

The best thing is that you don't need to step out of your house to buy these. You can check out our large range of plus size Indians costumes and decide the ones you want to order.