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Plus Size Costumes

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Plus Size Medieval Renaissance Costumes

Renaissance, meaning 'to be reborn', is the umbrella term used to refer to historical and cultural movements. The more commonly known uses of the word refer to either the Italian Renaissance of the Late Middle Ages or the slightly later English Renaissance, influenced by the former, that took place during the Elizabethan era.

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Our plus size Renaissance costumes include gowns and armor for royalty or nobility as well as dresses for sexy maidens who have made it their life serving patrons in ye old beer tavern.

For men, you can show off your chivalry by wearing a knight, crusader or musketeer costumes, help prove the old saying "all girls want bad boys" right by becoming Robin Hood or get in touch with your barbaric but gentle giant side by dressing up as a viking warrior. Should you feel a class above these roles, you can wear the royal robes of a king or a prince as well.

For ladies, you can play the beautiful queen to your significant other's king or dress up as medieval ladies of all kinds of background, starting from a charming wench to noble maidens, awaiting their knights, or even prove your worth and strength to the world by taking up the role of a sexy viking princess. If being good is not your forte, well, you also have the option of dressing as a fabulous wicked queen.

Attractive and elegant, handy for all occasions including but not limited to Renaissance Faires, Live Action Role-Playing Events or even Halloween, you can act out your medieval fantasies anytime with any of our plus size Renaissance costumes.