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Plus Size Costumes

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Plus Size Witch Costumes

Witches have long been on the target list for being associated with bad things. Who does not remember the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz? Warts and broomsticks are an essential to Halloween and every party found around the globe. But do you really want the same old black, hanging garment and outdated broom? Plus size costumes have really changed in recent years and can be the absolute hit of the bedroom, party or boardroom when you bring out the costume this year.

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Think of the variety of Wiccans, television witches and ones you have seen in movies. Just as each person has changed how they have been viewed, the outfits reflect that as well. How about becoming a gothic version with a raven perched on your shoulder? And you do not have to stick with the witch title either! A sorceress is enchanting and mystical. Black does not have to be the standard color with this out of the box idea!

Do you like candy? Why not be wear a plus size Kandy Korn witch costumes that satisfies the sweet tooth with zero calories. Your candy colors will stand out and people will be asking for your sweet treats in their bags. When you dish out the candy people will be coming in flocks to look at your costume! You will definitely be a type that they never expected to see.

Plus size costumes allow you to think outside the box. You can always go with the classic, green skinned witch but you can also go in a brand new direction. You can be the creator of whatever genre you wish to create. From funky costumes with feathers and pants to sexy nymphs that enchant all that come into are the witch of everyone's dreams!