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Plus Size Costumes

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Plus Size Pirates Womens Costumes

Avast! Embrace the pirate's life with our adult plus size women's costumes for Halloween. Pirates have been plundering for as long as sea trade has existed, though today's popular image of buccaneers on the seven seas dates from the 1800s. These rebellious raiders were the scourge of merchant vessels, terrifying sailors at the first sight of the skull and crossed bones of the Jolly Roger.

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Not all pirates were criminals, though; many countries commissioned privateers to raid enemy ships during times of war, turning piracy into an act of patriotism. Whether frightening raiders or heroic swashbucklers, all pirates liked to get together for a good time at the end of the day's sailing, spending their pieces of eight on a tankard of grog with a rousing song.

During the Age of Sail, pirates may have been reluctant to have a woman aboard their ships, but when you wear one of our sexy plus size women's costumes, you certainly won't be made to walk the plank! With our wide range of choices, you can choose to be a rugged pirate lass who takes what she wants, a voluptuous wench who pours the rum for thirsty sailors when they find their way to your port, or the daring lady captain with a hold full of booty. One look at you in your sexy garb, and every sea dog in the harbor will want to be taken prisoner!

Pirates have always been an iconic costume choice, with classic accessories like the captain's hat, the cutlass, and the pet parrot making them instantly recognizable. Today, the popularity of movies and Internet trends such as Talk Like A Pirate Day make a costume a better choice than ever. With a sexy costume, you're sure to capture your significant other's attention! Whether you choose to be a buxom wench or a feisty queen, our sexy plus size women's costumes will help make an evening you'll treasure. Be sure to practice your accent, raise the Jolly Roger and prepare to cast off for an evening of swashbuckling adventure as the sexiest pirate ever to sail the seven seas!