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Plus Size Costumes

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Plus Size Superheroes Women's Costumes

You can be the defender of the planet - or at least the party - when you slip into our plus size women's superhero costumes. When villains threaten to put a damper on fun, you'll emerge to protect truth, justice, and the right to good times.

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Male superheroes have been around since the late 1930s with the first Superman comics. Crime-fighting ladies weren't far behind. The first costumed female superhero appeared in the 1940 Timely Comics' Mystic Comics #4. Her name was Black Widow, and her alter ego was Claire Voyant. She was a servant of Satan and sent her captured villains to Hell. She is not related to later heroines with the same name.

You can channel the same brazenness of that early avenger with the costumes of some of her descendants. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl all came later, but they embody the same spirit of feminine strength and boldness.

These costumes are perfect for friends who want to get together and bust some bad guys at the next party. You can unite to form a league of babes who not only take down evildoers but look good doing it. Couples can also put their superpowers together to deliver some punch to any gathering.

Our products pack a wallop without breaking the bank. You can find a super costume and all the accessories at a price that won't make you resort to a life of crime. Accessories are critical to putting together a powerful getup. Wigs, boots, stockings, and makeup will add some pow to your look.

No matter the occasion, you can guard everyone from a boring time when you pick one of our plus size women's superhero costumes.