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Poodle Skirt Costumes

Bring back one of the most memorable articles of clothing from the 1950's with Poodle Skirts. Ours are guaranteed to give you a nostalgic feeling of the "Golden Age" nifty fifty's. This decade is remembered as one of the most important decades of American history with the introduction of mainstream television, bebop, doo wop, rock & roll music and much more. We're helping to bring this era back with our skirts and matching accessories. Poodle skirts bring back memories of drive in movies, diners, root beer floats and more. CSC carries more than that, though - We carry lots of accessories from this popular generation. Be sure to browse through our section in each category. Not just for Halloween, poodle skirts are especially popular for Fifties dances and school plays.

How cute would it be to dress in a poodle skirt with a pair of saddle shoes? Well stop wondering and browse through our sections for girls, where you will find more than just that. These outfits feature a pink and white striped top, a classic skirt with a belt that has a leash connecting to the knitted poodle.

The 50s are back and better than ever. Be the most popular girl at the sock hop and maybe even as Johnny to dance. Just don't get in his hot rod later. If you're a fan of Grease, we have a grease inspired sweater for adults. This sweater inspired by the hit musical Grease includes a pink cardigan sweater and a flared poodle skirt. If you're looking for something sexy try on our Pink Ladies Rizzo Costume. This product features a scarf, a black top and a poodle mini skirt.

There are plenty of Ideas to go with the poodle skirts such as wigs, poodle socks, Fifties glasses and Poodle handbags. You can even couple up your poodle skirts with our 50s costumes for men. Our Grease inspired costumes will go well with our T-Bird jackets for men. Browse through our 1950s section where you will re-discover the era.