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Pumpkin Costumes

Pumpkin Costumes

Nothing says Halloween more than pumpkins do. And pumpkin costumes are just about the most adorable costumes for kids out there. The Jack o' lantern is a Halloween favorite, and your child can look like he or she got picked fresh from the pumpkin patch!

As children grow and develop, they learn to discern shapes and colors. Because pumpkins are bright orange, they are easily recognizable and identifiable for young ones. It's fun, too, to learn shapes as you cut out designs on pumpkins, such as triangles for eyes, circles for the top, and squares or rectangles for the teeth. They can even point out the different shapes on their pumpkin costumes. There is also the famous poem, Peter Peter, Pumpkin Eater, which is a fun and easy poem to teach kids and help them identify with learning about pumpkins and Halloween. With pumpkin Halloween costumes, they can bring joy and laughter to everyone who encounters them as they go trick or treating.

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Infant/Toddler Costumes

If you have ever taken a child to a pumpkin patch, you know how fun it is to pick out pumpkins. It's great to see all the different sizes and shapes of these ubiquitous orange squash, and your child can delight in actually being able to become a pumpkin him or herself when they get a pumpkin costume.

One really nice feature to the Halloween pumpkin costume is that it is easy to get on and off. Often, children don't like to have costumes that are too elaborate or uncomfortable. The pumpkin costume is very comfortable and easy to wear, and doesn't get in the way of little arms or legs moving around.

You can dress up your pumpkin costume, as well. Many people have made additions to the costume including painting the face orange or green, or getting more elaborate and drawing a vine design on the forehead or cheeks. You can supplement the costume with elf-like shoes and bells (a great addition to track any wandering little feet), or you can accessorize with a pumpkin trick or treat container which matches the costume.

Another side benefit to pumpkin costumes is the fact that it is bright orange. This means that it will stand out and be a contributing factor to keeping your child safe and easy to spot.

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