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Rapunzel Halloween Costumes

Rapunzel Costumes

We have a great variety of officially licensed girls Tangled Rapunzel costumes based on Disney's hit movie. Imagine the delight your little girl will enjoy as she relives the part of the Disney Princess Rapunzel, or even develops her own character to fit the richly made costumes we have available. Your little princess can pretend to be swept off her feet by Eugene Flynn Rider Fitzherbert, terrified of Mother Gothel or having a laugh at the Captain of the Guard and his horse.

Rapunzel costumes include a dress in many shades of lavender with pink waist band ribbon, ruffled bottom and includes a beautiful Rapunzel cameo denoting it as an officially licensed Disney product. It also comes with an included headband and petticoat. Complete this wonderful outfit by getting your child a wig and matching Rapunzel slippers that are also in stock and licensed by Disney.

The princess dresses are also ideal for gifts. Grandparents can order now and assure that their granddaughters will have a creative and captivating Tangled Halloween costumes for this coming October. Think of the photographs that will come as your reward - and her happiness for your thoughtfulness!

Let your little girl feel like she is the Disney princess Rapunzel with long flowing hair by buying a matching blonde wig. Let baby girl use her imagination, while she relives Disney's Tangled in full gown. The whole family can get in on the role playing, Moms and grandmas can be the sorceress and Dads and grandpas can be the prince who saves her. Playing together will bring the family closer together.

Our affordable and high-quality Tangled Rapunzel costumes are certain to delight!