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How to Style Renaissance Hair

We put together an awesome group of Renaissance hair tutorial videos featuring Italian Renaissance Style, a Twist Updo, Five Strand Braid, and Romantic Bohemian Braids. Braids were often adorned with beads, gems, pearls, and ribbon for additional elegance and style. Sometimes, noblewomen and royals like queens and princesses would braid their hair into ornate crowns on top of their heads. Whether you’re the lady of the manor, a damsel in distress, or even a brazen serving wench, any of these hairdos will add authenticity and style to your historical look. Once you master these classic hair styles finish off the look with a Renaissance costume and joint your Knight in Shining armor at the fair.

Italian Renaissance Hair Taping

A demure, ethereal hairstyle popular in Italy in from the 14th to the 17th century, this look brings to mind pure maidens and cultured noblewomen. Best suited to longer hair, this updo involves two simple twisted braids wrapped around the head and held in place by a long ribbon woven through the hair. The ribbon is actually sewn through the hair using a blunt needle; you can see how to do this safely and effectively from the 3:30-minute mark. It sounds and looks elaborate, but with a just little practice and patience, this hairstyle could be the crowning glory of your costume.

Renaissance Twist Updo

Accomplished with easy twisted braids, this more casual look is simple to achieve and extremely effective for a range of characters and time periods. Whether your hair is long or short, straight or curly, some version of this style will work for you. For the very best results, hair should be at least shoulder length and with at least a slight wave for texture and body. The video shows two versions. The first tutorial shows you how to make a loose and gently tousled style, perfect for a simple peasant costume. The second, which begins at the 5:50-minute mark, is created with a tighter twist and produces a more formal effect, proper enough for even the fussiest lady-in-waiting!

Five Strand Braid

This braid appears intricate and complicated, but don’t be frightened! All it takes is a little concentration and a lot of hair, and you’ll have the most romantic look in the room. The tutorial explains how to keep track of which strand goes where (it’s really quite simple!). At the 5:35-minute marker you can see how a few touches of the curling iron can make the most of any escaping layers and strands. You’ll want long, thick locks or a helping hand from hair extensions for this one, but it really is the ultimate in fairytale hairstyles. Even Rapunzel will be jealous.

Romantic Bohemian Braids

Loose flowing waves caught up in a crown of braids: this beautiful look is the essence of storybook style. This is one of the easiest and most effective Renaissance hairstyles. Just make sure to pay special attention to the tip at the 0:34-second marker: gently pulling at the sides of the braid to loosen and soften it is what gives this hairstyle its whimsical charm. Add a few flowers for a really magical finish and you’ll be ready to break hearts across the centuries!

Other Ways to Achieve Your Look

Paintings are a fantastic place to find inspiration for your Renaissance hairstyle. You can also look to some of your favorite fantasy films and series for reference. Many of the most popular fantasy franchises like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones take cues from historical hairstyles to create captivating looks for their female leads. If you aren’t blessed with waist length hair, we offer a great selection of Renaissance wigs that you could use to create the style you want. You’ll find that many Renaissance women, especially queens and princesses, often wore elaborate jewelled headpieces to enhance their beauty. In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the elf princess Arwen, portrayed by Liv Tyler, can be seen wearing gorgeous silver headpieces. We offer a vast array of crowns and tiaras, as well as shimmering hair accessories decked out in faux gems to top off your curls and braids.

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