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We're pleased to provide a variety of information to help folks learn about costumes! Whether it's for Halloween, the threatre, school plays or other festive holidays, we would like to become your resource for fun and unusual information about costumes.

Listed below is the most current list of articles we have published. Check back with us often as we strive to continually update this resource with fun and interesting information as we come across it. Enjoy!

History of Halloween Halloween Carols - You Bet! Halloween Makeup Application Thanksgiving
Great Sites For Children Noh Masks and Facial Expression Perception Why Draw a Pumpkin When You Can Download One? The History of Costumes
A Beginner's Guide to Elizabethan Costuming Monster Magazines Halloween Not Just For Kids Ultimate Viking Resource Internet Guide
Clothing of the Middle Ages Halloween Safety Elizabethan Clothing Before You Put Your Halloween Costume On
WheelChair Costumes Halloween Activities A bit about J.R.R Tolkien How to Carve a Jack O'Lantern
A Victorian Halloween Star Trek Uniform Guide Vampires in Myth and History How do they figure out the Day of Easter?
Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors A Wee Bit About St. Pattys Day Ghost Stories Costume Galleries
Tricks and Treats for Halloween Stuff for Kids! Introduction to Science Fiction Resources The Finishing Touch
Medieval Drama History of Witchcraft Make your Own Goo How To Make a Mummy
Halloween Pumpkins Everything Halloween The Process of Becoming a Mummy The Costumes of Old Europe
Encyclopedia of Monsters, Mythical Creatures and Fabulous Beasts Make Your Own Fake Blood A few of the best Fairy Tales Classic Horror Movies
Cleopatra Clothing of the Middle Ages to the 20th Century Storytelling, Drama, Creative Dramatics, and Puppetry Resources Drama Teaching Resources
The Globe Theatre Steve Martin: One wild and crazy guy The Gothic Study Fritz Lang Biography
Improv Comedy Resource Page Pirate Ships Dance in the Renaissance A Guide to Whoville the Dr Seuss Resource Page
Wizards, Ghouls, and Fairies! Oh My! The History of Lace Blackbeard and the Queen Anne's Revenge The History of the Sword
History of Fabric Charlie Chaplin History of Coney Island Medieval and Renaissance History
Awesome Sites for Kids Shadow Puppet Theater Additional Halloween Safety Fairy Tales and Folklore
The Why Behind The Salem Witch Trials Period Piece Costumes Feliz Navidad A Mid-Summer Nights Dream
The Roaring 20s Works of Western Philosophy Adult Costume Ideas Christmas Around the World
Victorian Resources King Tut The Boy King All Things Horror The Lives of Medieval Women
The Salem Witch Trials Mayan Folk Tales The Witch Dictionary The Legend of Chupacabra
The Study Mary Shelley's Writing The Renaissance Erzsebet Bathory Timeline Movies About Vampires
The X-files Resource Legend of Bigfoot The Spanish Civil War The Byzantine Empire
How to Make a Robot Costume Resources for Drama Teachers Great Sites For Kids and The Adults Who Care About Them Star Wars Resource Page
It's Groovy - All About the 70's Theater Terms A Cinderella Story True Ghost Stories
Victorian Research Guide Costumes of Different Nations Let it Snow! World Class Giant Pumpkins
Cinco De Mayo History Mesopostami Resource Plato's Dialogues What is a Tragedy?
The Shakespeare Resource Guide Native American Resources The Mayan Civilization Animal Spirits and Shamans
How To Grow Pumpkins A Scientific Look at Unidentified Flying Objects Learning About Puppets! Charlie Chaplin and the FBI
The Legend of Champ! A Monster in the Scottish Highlands Witches, Witchcraft and Spells Halloween Recipies
The History of King Arthur A Guide to King Lear Resources for Medieval Studies Columbus Day
The Persecution of Witches Throughout History The Tales of Little Red Riding Hood Aesop's Fables Resources The Magic Man: All About Harry Houdini
Exhibit of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts Who creates theme costumes Legendary Tales The Nursery Rhyme Resource
The Gilbert & Sullivan Page The Wardrobe of Horror Halloween All Over the World The Egyptian Book of the Dead
Journey of the Pilgrims and the Mayflower We're All Mad Here - The Alice In Wonderland Page Independent Horror Films Follow the Yellow Brick Road- Resources on L. Frank Baum
The Ray Bradbury Resource Page A Guide to the Great Gatsby All About Greek Myths Korean History
Halloween Superstitions and More! Halloween Makeup Safety Tips The Wonderful World of Bugs Arthur C. Clarke - Grand Master of Science Fiction
A Guide to Shakespeare's Plays Fall Foliage Photos and Information Sherlock Holmes Resources Festivals of the 60s and 70s
American Cultural History: 1910-1919 Origins of the First American Cowboys How to make a medieval hood Late Antiquity Resource Guide
Colonial Life in the 1700s Colonial America Activities for the Classroom The Mermaid Page The Pirates Cove
Scary Clowns Gallery A Master of Children's Literature: Maurice Sendak Culture of the 20th Century American Cultural History: 1900-1909
Urban Legends and Myths Indian Myths and Legends Domestic Life in Medieval Times History of Greek Theater
Awe Inspiring Corn Mazes Dragon Myths And Legends 17th Century Women's Dress Clothing Actual Flags Flown By Pirates
Pumpkin-Themed Activities for Children The Egyptian Museum Information The Spooky Facts About Spiders Alfred Hitchcock and the Classic Thriller: Psycho
Crypto-zoology: The Study of Hidden Animals or Pseudo Science? The Page of the Unexplained The Infamous Black Widow Spider How to Make an Elizabethan Corset
Wolf Myth and Lore The Ultimate Harry Potter Resource A Wedding In Medieval Times Witchcraft History
The American History Timeline UFO Folklore Ultimate Science Fiction Fan Guide Exploring Horror Movies
The Presidents of the United States Classroom Activities for Harry Potter Crop Circles: Fact or Fiction Poison Ivy
Greek Gods Urban Legends & Myths Explained Civil War Weapons All about R.L Stein's Series: Goosebumps
Jack The Ripper The Famed Houdini Museum Historical Dance The Ultimate List of Websites for Kids
Chinese Fairy Tales The Roman Goddess Makeover All About Mummies Great Science Fiction Resources
Basic Costume Terminology Ultimate Resource of Egyptian Gods A Guide to Pirates Story Hour: A Children's Guide to Bed Time Stories
Staying on top of Your Studies: A Guide for Students, Parents and Teachers A Guide to the Age of Discovery Ultimate Resource for The French Middle Ages The Superman Page
Let's Learn the Letters of the Alphabet Mardi Gras Celebration Guide Resources for Myths Around the World The Surgeon General's Report for Kids about Smoking
Mickey Through the Ages Costume Making Resources Halloween Games for Kids Fun with Blue!
Your Guide to Japanese Military Swords A Resource Guide To Latin American History and Culture Totally Tubular Guide to the 1980s Style in Retrospect: History of Modern Textiles Resource
The History of a Gladiator Celebrate Back to School Time Understanding Native American Cultures in the U.S. Norse Mythology
The Complete Costuming & Cosplay Resource Guide The Flying Ghost Batman Through the Years Blood Bathory
The Ultimate Medieval Glossary A Guide to Films From the Silent Era Surviving your First Comic Convention Swords of Medieval Europe
Bela Lugosi: Famous Horror Villain Standing Proud: The Story of the Statue of Liberty Guide to Hawaiian Hula Dancing The Five Paragraph Essay Wizard
The Jazz Age: Flapper Culture What is an Athletic Trainer? Halloween Safety Resource Guide A Horror Character's Guide to Survival
12 Ideas To Celebrate Halloween In The Classroom Other Halloween Services A Brief History of Halloween The History of Hanging
Beyond the Halloween Stories: Exorcisms Life and Achievements of Joss Whedon Kids Costumes - Teddy Bear History Civil War Guide for Kids
Cash and Credit for Children Costume Resources - Peace, Love and the Sixties Inappropriate Children's Halloween Costumes History for Kids: The Roman Empire and Roman life
The Fabulous Fifties Zombie Takeover
1920s Flapper Hairstyle Guide 1920s Flapper Makeup Guide 1950s Hairstyle guide 1950s Makeup Guide
Princess Leia Hairstyle Guide Renaissance Hairstyle Guide Updos for Sexy Costumes Sexy Makeup Guide
Zombie Costume Makeup Guide Halloween Costume Trends