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Robot Costumes

Robot Costumes

Robots have been a fascinating topic of movies and science fiction discussions for a long time. When Halloween rolls around, robot costumes are often the ones that get a ton of attention, and not just because they're all shiny and new! Our website offers a variety of loose wires and compact metal sheeting, so the robot you're looking for can run with an impeccable AI system or go haywire and short circuit often. If super-heroic machines of epic proportions are your style, then there are Transformers costumes like Optimus Prime, whose never-ending struggle against the Decepticons shows off his impressive arsenal.

There are even costumes for the ladies, like the robot jumpsuit that transforms all women into sexy shiny cyborgs who aren't afraid to show off their moving parts. Variety is our strongest feature, so there are robot costumes to suit all men, women, and children, regardless of taste and style. Men for example, can dress up as the sinister and battle-scarred Terminator T600 android, a 50s style retro robot, or don a pair of shiny pants and go out dancing as the LMFAO Shuffle Bot.

Children have other options like the adorable Pixar movie favorite Wall-E or the children's television show's Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba. Being a robot is easy with the right type of costume that has all the necessary hardware to fool everyone. The only thing we can't guarantee is that the costume will also come with the proper software to teach you to dance the Robot flawlessly.