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Rock of Ages Costumes

Rock of Ages

With an aqua net infested soundtrack, The Rock of Ages began as a musical and has recently hit the big screen. From songs that feature famous 80's rockers like Bon Jovi, Styx, Journey, Steven Perry, Poison, and Pat Benetar - just to name a few - to the epic outfits that everyone remembers, these performances cover it all. From the stage to the cinema, this classic performance has never gone under the radar.

When it comes to representing the hair band era, this play/movie includes all the necessities! If you're looking to resemble a crazy 1980's rock star or anything else in the 80's craze, then we can dress you to perfection. Our selection of 80's inspired costumes and their amped up accessories to match will have you swaying a lighter in the air or ready to rock out on your very own air guitar.

Animal print pants and long blonde crimped wig, will transform you into a rock god. For the ladies, just choose from our insane wig selection and remember the bigger the better. From a heavy metal head banger, to an old school rapper 80's costumes really know how to rock out.

From Michael Jackson to Prince and Steampunk rockers, the 1980's have truly made a mark in history. Dress like any of your favorite rock stars, or create one of your own! The possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing like your most beloved era. Just remember: long hair, lots of hairspray, makeup, mullets, and Ozzy Ozborn.

So jam out to the sounds of the eighties in one of our Rock of Ages costumes