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Sexy 70s Costumes

Bell Bottoms, hot pants, platform shoes, wavy flipped hair, jumpsuits that fit every curve- there's only one decade these looks describe, and that would be the 1970s. Can you Dig it? If ever there is a day set aside, even for the most conservative of dressers, to finally drop all inhibitions and be downright foxy, it would be the Halloween! And no era celebrated sexy like the 70s, so why not keep the vibe "Stayin' Alive" and opt for one of the many groovy and sexy 70s costumes available. And at a below-retail price to boot!

You could be a fabulous dancing queen on the disco floor. It's as easy as purchasing a sexy 70s Foxy Lady Costume. The metallic colorful printed jumpsuit, headscarf and belt will make you want to get down and boogie. Add some gold pumps and disco glitter wig (each sold separately), and you will be the belle of the disco ball!

Two more looks shined on the disco floor, the sparkly polyester mini dress and the iconic wrap-dress. Either of these sexy 70s costumes will make you look dy-no-mite this Halloween or at any costume party! Both are available, and the best part is they will not cost you lots of bread! To make this costume really far out, you may want to pair it with a long blonde wig, think Farrah Fawcett, and patent leather go-go boots or platform shoes!

So, this Halloween get hip to the groove, and transform yourself into a funkadelic foxy mama. You'll be hip to the groove in these sexy 70s costumes threads.