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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy 80's Costumes

The 80's are an ever popular era that we all enjoy recreating whether it be for Halloween and themed parties or for spicy role playing nights with your partner. The 80's were a time where style was pulled strongly from pop culture with the rock era and hair bands trending worldwide. Skin-tight mini skirts, off the shoulder shirts and cut sweatshirts were closet staples for women to look and feel sexy in the 80's. Dressing outrageously with bright neon colors, accessorizing with rubber bracelets and big plastic earrings, and flaunting your assets were all common 80's trends. We have all of these styles and items on our site.

  • Hot Pink 80's Petticoat
    Hot Pink 80's Petticoat
    Reg: $19.99
  • Green 80's Petticoat
    Green 80's Petticoat
    Reg: $19.99
  • Sexy Women's Rock Star Costume
    Sexy Women's Rock Star Costume
    Reg: $49.99
  • Yellow 80's Petticoat
    Yellow 80's Petticoat
    Reg: $19.99
  • The Gloved One Sexy Military Dress Costume
    The Gloved One Sexy Military Dress Costume
    Reduced Price: $39.92
    Reg: $54.99
  • Sexy Totally 80's Amy Costume
    Sexy Totally 80's Amy Costume
    Reg: $42.94
  • Women's Sexy Terminator Terminatrix Costume
    Women's Sexy Terminator Terminatrix Costume
    Reg: $69.94
  • Material Girlie Adult Costume
    Material Girlie Adult Costume
    Reg: $42.99
  • Women's Gold Leggings
    Women's Gold Leggings
    Reg: $24.99
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Sexy 80's costumes can channel your inner Cindi Lauper or other sexy rock stars from the 80's. Legs and shoulders are sexy assets on a woman's body and the 1980's were all about showing those off. The sexy flashdance sweater dress or bodysuit is just the right choice to show off those amazing legs. Reenacting such a sexy and individual era can really get you pumped up for a spicy night in the bedroom. The 80's were a sexually charged era so what better way to show tribute to this period than by wearing a sexy costume and dancing to your favorite 80s mixed-tape.

The accessories were a big part of the 80's as well, lacy gloves, fishnet stocking and sexy pumps are all things you will need to get the complete 80's glam, punk or rock look. Pair this with one of the neon petticoats, legwarmers, or groupie costumes and you will be set to impress.