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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Beer Girl Costumes

Sexy beer girl costumes are made for theme parties, Halloween and celebrations such as Oktoberfest. Many people frequent beer gardens, You'll find many people who dress the part. It really adds to the atmosphere. In fact, many of these more traditional dresses are also appropriate for gatherings such as Renaissance and other festivals and fairs, from the springtime through fall.

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The waist cinch offer a cleavage enhancement for these fantasy girls. In addition, the mini-dresses and peasant blouses can make any woman feel beautiful. There are a variety of sexy beer girl costumes to choose from. One of the more popular style for a fraulein is features a traditional Bavarian maiden, usually chosen for an Oktoberfest party. Oktoberfest is an annual 16-day festival that began in Munich, Bavaria, Germany in 1810, that occurs from late in September through the first weekend in October. As one of the most well known events in Germany, it is also the largest fair in the world. Over 5 million people attend Oktoberfest annually. Other Oktoberfest celebrations are held in virtually every city that are modeled after the German version.

The Renaissance Faire is an annual event that takes place in just about every major city. The types of beer maid are depicted as a Tavern Wench, featuring a longer dress with a peasant top and a cinched waist. Many of the actors donning costumes for the Faire can be seen wearing styles like this. We also carry Plus Size Beer Girl outfits.

All of the colors of the rainbow are incorporated in our selections. Alpine, Bavarian and Irish sexy beer girl Halloween costumes are all included in the mix. Pick your favorite and toast to a fantastic party and a very intoxicating outfit.

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