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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Bunny Costumes

The sexy bunny costume may be as old as Playboy; maybe even older. It is irresistibly sexy, playful and naughty at the same time. Everyone loves the idea of an mischievous hare hopping around and being sexy. If you feel as though your sexy frame could be in the glossy centerfold of an adult magazine, or that you want to wear something enticing for a playful fantasy with your lover then you should go out and get your bunny suit right away.

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Sexy bunnies costumes have all the accoutrements you could want. Traditional cottontail costumes begin with the ears and end with the tail. Yes you have got your black, one piece swimsuit style main piece, yes you have your tightly woven fishnet stockings, yes you have your high black heels, and you may even have a tightly wound, oversized bowtie and shirt cuffs; but the sexy bunnies costumes we have all come to appreciate begin with the long ears and end with the fluffy tail. Terrific!

Your sexy bunny costume though may be a little bit different than the traditional furry pet. Maybe yours is the Playboy style - a revealing little tuxedo suit. You could be the one that pops out of a magician's hat too. We just want you to know that their are other options besides the Peter Cottontail type you see at Easter/

If you're looking to find the sexiest costume ideas for women there is a sexy bunny costume to match your style. Let your fingers do the hopping right over to the checkout.

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