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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Burlesque Costumes

When you think of Burlesque, you probably think of Dita Von Teese, Betty Paige or maybe even the infamous Gypsy Rose Lee. All strong, powerful women who embraced their sexuality and knew how to leave a man hanging on the edge of his seat. If there is one thing that men and women can agree on, Burlesque is and always will be sexy.

This type of sexy variety show is just as popular as ever. There are revues and shows popping up everywhere which is why it makes the ideal choice for anyone wanting to embrace a long standing entertainment tradition. Our sexy burlesque costumes for Halloween are going to leave your man breathless and in awe. You'll be sure to turn the heads of everyone in the room in one of these sassy showgirl ensembles. All you'll need to bring is the knowing wink and the come hither smile.

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Chose from corset sets in sexy black, vibrant red or mysterious purple, among others. Sexy burlesque costumes are flattering to most shapes because of there shaping corsets and cleavage bearing styles. The best thing about them is what they suggest, not what they show. If you're feeling brave, why not try the Sexy Feather Burlesque Costume in a stunning red. If you're not afraid to flaunt your legs, this memorable outfit would be perfect for you. Then there's the equally mesmerizing Lolita look. While the skirt is slightly longer on this one, it is still beautiful and perfectly captures the style of the era. To see all of the others, just look on the following pages.

Memorable, sexy, and confident with a bit of playful tease thrown in. This sums up our burlesque costumes that you can wear for Halloween or for putting on a burlesque show of your own.