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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Cats Costumes

Ever since Janet Jackson burst out into MTV world with her song "Black Cat" the sexy-dressing world has looked towards sexy cats costumes with a great deal of interest. Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat-woman is another entry into the sexy cats costumes vernacular but how about sexy cat costumes for you? How could you imagine yourself as a sexy cat?

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One of the more popular sexy cats costumes is the black cat. Long, zip up cat suit which is typically better suited to the slender woman who is comfortable getting frisky. The black cat suit comes with black, knee-high heeled boots or as an alternative; many women enjoy wearing the sexy black open heel. Many of the black cat costumes come equipped with a long tail. Pop on some frisky black whiskers and you're all set. A popular item to add to a sexy cat costume is a big whip so there's never any question about who is in charge. Another is a mask, which instantly turns you into a sexy cat burglar.

Another look for the sexy cat is the sexy tiger costume. Everyone may try and stay focused on the details of your costume but the horizontal zigzagged stripes are sure to keep comers mesmerized. The sexy tiger costumer typically comes in the form or catsuits, dresses or corsets and tutus. Add on some thick, black furry boot covers or some patent sexy Mary Jane shoes and you're out the door. Cats are nocturnal so be prepared to party all night long.

There are other types of sexy cats costumes too so be sure to look at all of our selections before you choose your favorite. Be the talk of the pride and the queen of the jungle in our sexy cat costumes for women.

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