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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Cheerleader Costumes

If you want to make a cheerful appearance at a party or show with your most intimate companion that you are their biggest fan, a sexy cheerleader costume will provide the grand entrance you desire. For the true sports fanatic, cheer costumes based on popular teams will be your good luck outfit every game day.

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Originally intended to simply encourage fans to support and applaud their own team, cheerleading today is often regarded as a sport in its own right. There are serious national competitions to choose the best teams. As an activity, it encompasses elements of dance, jumps, stunts, and tumbling. Literally millions of Americans are actively involved in cheerleading making it one of the nation's most popular pastimes. Most practitioners are female, and they are often as popular as the athletes they represent, with a variety of images ranging from girl-next-door to exotic dancer.

In addition to general party costuming, you can wear them for fantasy role-playing. We give three big cheers for a romp in the bedroom by anyone who wears a sexy cheerleader costume. Any one of the outfits on the following pages will make your evening even better than a game winning touchdown.

One of the most admired styles of costumes is the sexy cheerleaders' costume, which is typically rather revealing as you would expect from a sexy women's outfit. Costume parties inevitably see at least a few hot cheerleaders moving willfully through the crowd. Sexy cheerleaders costumes are a popular way to make championship games more fun to watch.

Get your cheerleader costume and add a set of pom-poms. Hip-hip-hooray and rah-rah-rah!

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