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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Clown Costumes

Clowns have been around for literally thousands of years, court jesters can be traced back to 1818 B.C. in China as well as Egypt. The first circus type harlequins first hit the scene in 1768 England, entertaining huge crowds with their hilarious acts, amusing everyone as funny clothed, white faced red nosed characters. Americans have a love affair with these circus icons; They have found a place in most of our hearts and minds. However, jesters can be taken in an entirely different direction, a cool and even sexy direction, with these incredibly sexy clown Halloween costumes.

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Leave all the other party goers in aw with these sexy woman clown costumes, when you combine these flamboyant colors with a sexy edge; All eyes will be on you. Making bozo's out of the competition in the next Halloween contest. Perhaps you can surprise that special person in the bedroom. Make him smile now, then cry out later with joy when you play your role in these outfits. When we say sexy clown costumes, the emphasis is on sexy, more so than the humorous. These gorgeous selections will get him ready to play, creating this type of fantasy is a perfect way to spice things up.

Dazzle the scene as sexy court jester, tastefully sexy and eye catching, the party will begin with your arrival. Entertain the party as a five ring master goddess, guaranteed to turn heads in a flattering way. Show your fun side as well as your sexy side. Become a bead magnet at the next Mardi Gras event, making all the fat Tuesday celebrators line up for their chance to place their beads around the gorgeous woman in the sexy clown costume.