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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Corsets

A corset is a tight fitted garment with boning that extends from under the chest to the waist. This versatile piece of clothing can be worn under a dress, as a sexy top, or an ideal part of a costume! Both Halloween and sexy theme parties are popular times for a woman to wear a corset!

The corset dates back to the beginning of time, when they used whalebone in order to keep the material stiff and tight fitted! Then, they moved to using metal and other sturdy materials to act in place of the whalebone. However, after WW1, women were asked to immediately stop purchasing corsets in order to use the metal for more pertinent issues-releasing enough metal to build two battleships!

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A tight bustier will cinch a waist and add more emphasis on the bust and hips! Most have a sexy tie feature in the back, and others have a hook-and-eye closure in the front. From a single piece to a complete Halloween corset costume, we definitely have what you're looking for! For a glamorous look, pair it with simple accessories like sexy hosiery, a hat, and/or false lashes. Add a wig to disguise your look and take on an entirely new persona!

There are endless occasions that a corset is more than appropriate-and necessary! Slip a pure white or midnight black lace-up style under a dress and you'll have a more slimming look in minutes! It can serve as a sexy bodice to a variety of outfits. We also offer great costumes featuring fun themes, which all start with a tight fitted bodice. If you add the right accessories to a special corset, you can create your very own one-of-a-kind outfit! They're perfect when dressing for theme parties too! Aside from the signature costumes, you can easily dress as a Burlesque dancer prancing around in any of our selection! From black to bright sparkles, animal prints to tuxedos-some with ruffles and others super plain-we certainly have a style and size that will fit your needs.