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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Cowgirl Costumes

Put on a sexy cowgirl Halloween costume and imagine this scenario: She sauntered in through the saloon's swinging doors with a sway to her hips and a coy smile on her lips. She glanced around the smoky bar interior, searching for something...or someone. Every eye was on her; the bartender dropped a glass. Decked out in vest and jeans that hugged her body, she was every cowboy's fantasy. A gambler's cigar fell unnoticed from his open mouth. She found her target, pushed her wide brimmed hat over her forehead and moseyed over to me. "Hey, cowboy," She said in a sultry, husky voice, "Wanna dance?"....

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Sexy cowgirls outfits made them the legends they are today. Western writers, dime-novelists and big time Hollywood directors have turned their passion for the western genre into a Halloween theme. The sassy renegade is packing more than pistols when she wears these classically western duds. No man can resist a woman in sexy high-heeled cowboy boots and a wide brimmed hat. The sexy cowgirl costumes bring to mind romantic wind-swept prairies, playful encounters high up in the hayloft or a lover's rendezvous overlooking a western vista. Maybe you always wanted to be that powerful woman that balanced toughness with tenderness so expertly. Perhaps you want your special partner to be that woman. Now is your chance. Be as wild as the Old West. More than a piece of frontier history, the cowgirl is the symbolic embodiment of that special place where seductive meets sublime. Adult cowpoke costumes are perfect for Halloween parties, theatrical productions or that special date night with your special someone.

Bring sexy back from the Old West and show them what kind of stuff a western girl is really made of. Annie Oakley hit her targets dressed in suede and fringe, now you can too. It's is more than a look, it is an attitude. Find a bit of the wild west in yourself with one of our sexy cowgirl costumes today.