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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Fairy Costumes

Sexy fairy costumes are for anyone, naughty or nice, who wants a bit of the mystical in their costume. This tiny, imaginary winged being in the form of a human has been the subject of folklore for centuries. Whether you know them as a fairy, faerie, elf, sprite, pixy, leprechaun or brownie, all are terms for these imaginary beings. In history they were not always thought of as helpful to people, being harmful and causing problems instead. Today fairy's are mostly known to be good. A good fairy is thought to be clever, mischievous and possessing magical powers with which they intervene in human affairs.

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The question of a fairy's nature has been the subject of stories, myths and scholarly papers for a very long time. The name is said to mean "Green Friend." Friendly and good is how we do think of them today.The original fairies gave gifts to newborn children such as wealth, kindness and beauty. In the centuries since, they have continued this function, but now have added other types of meddling in human affairs to their activities. Sexy fairy costumes will help you play the role you would like to play as a young, mischievous or roguish fairy and can be the perfect choice for different occasions.

Fairies can rarely be seen by humansso when you make an appearance in a sexy fairy costume it will be a very special occasion. You can bring your inner sprite alive with our sexy fairy costumes including the Fun Leaf Fairy costume or the Sexy Women's Enchanting Fairy costume. Maybe it is a Naughty Nymph, Star Bright or a Tinkerbell all grown up fairy costume you'd shine in.

You will be the belle of the fairy ball when your partner first sees you in one of your sexy fairy costumes. You may even feel like you were given a real magic wand to sprinkle moon dust and magic in the air wearing any one of our sexy and flattering fairy costumes. With high quality at really great prices you can spread your own magic because it's always time for romance!

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