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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Genies Costumes

You can look like a wish come true with sexy genies costumes. Whether it's a Halloween party or an intimate night with that special someone, you can turn up the heat on any Arabian night.

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Genies in most stories reside inside a magic lamp, released only by someone who rubs the vessel. Their rescuers are granted wishes for their trouble. Genies, or djinn, are actually a component of Islamic mythology. They're mentioned in the Quaran. These supernatural beings are also heavily used in the ancient folklore of the Middle East.

The mystery and exoticism surrounding these beings can be captured in sexy genies costumes. These belly-baring ensembles will bring desert heat to any party. Halloween is the perfect time to emerge from the lamp and add a poof of magic to the gathering.

These outfits can range from the sizzling to the subdued. If you want to turn up the heat, opt for a costume that bares the full torso. The spiciness of the theme, however, can also be captured in more subtle outfits, with minimal midriff exposure. You'll be granting wishes to your Captain Nelson in an "I Dream of Jeannie" getup.

Parties aren't the only places you can work your magic. You won't need a lamp to make his wishes come true when you don one of these hot getups.

Arabic touches will complete the look. Finger cymbals, armbands, wigs, and heels pull the magical look together. These extra might cost more elsewhere, but we offer the best prices. You'll enchant in an outfit that is both ethereal and affordable.

Genies are generally the ones that grant wishes, but all your wishes will come true when you choose one of these spicy costumes.

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