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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Police & Firefighter Costumes

Uniforms have always been an attraction for the opposite sex. When they are associated with danger, daredevilry, power and strength they are even sexier as is the case with police and firefighter Halloween costumes for women. The bravest and finest have always been awe-inspiring. When recreated in a sexy form, they are jaw dropping. Just think of a handsome policeman in his uniform or the fireman rescuing the damsel in distress from a life threatening situation, being brave and strong. While women have fantasies of men in uniform, men, too, have similar fantasies, and most men would be turned on by women in sexy police/firefighter costumes.

123   View All

You can get sexy cop costumes for Halloween, use them for parties and also spice up your love life. provocative officer uniforms come in different kinds: you can get your dark blue police look, but you can also get FBI, SWAT and looks from other areas of law enforcement, which are totally hot.

If you want to try being a sexy firefighter, you can get hold of different kinds of styles. Once you are all decked out, you also assume the characteristics of the uniform that you represent: you will really have to put out the fire in your man. When you dress like a cop, you will be exploring facets of yourself that you may not even be aware of. Role playing has its advantages, because you may not be aggressive, but when wearing a costume which is symbolic of aggression, you will assume the dominant role and add spice to your sex life.

Your man, too, will respond to this in a different way and the excitement will add to your sex life. In the privacy of your home, you can wear a sexy police or firefighter costume, be in a safe environment and not be judged. Both of you can fulfill your deepest fantasies and have fun doing so.

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