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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Referee Costumes

One of the things that's always gotten guys and sports fans going are debating the referees calls. However there is no debating how sexy our women's referee outfits are. Even for girls who like sports, there is something liberating and powerful about the sexy referee uniform. That's a great thing and there is some power in the authority of having the final say. If you are looking to get yourself decked out in a commanding uniform, you should see about getting yourself a sexy referee Halloween costume.

  • Game Official Adult Costume
    Game Official Adult Costume
    Reg: $29.99
  • Women's Sexy Referee Costume
    Women's Sexy Referee Costume
    Reg: $39.99
  • Women's Sexy  Halter Referee Costume
    Women's Sexy Halter Referee Costume
    Reg: $41.99
  • Women's Sexy No Rules Referee Costume
    Women's Sexy No Rules Referee Costume
    Reg: $52.99
  • Women's Sexy Cut-Out Referee Costume
    Women's Sexy Cut-Out Referee Costume
    Reg: $49.97
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The good thing for most people who don't follow sports is that referees have a pretty standard look. You are talking about a black and white dressing and the vertical stripes. That's what you are going as the standard print but the cut comes in the form or fitted dresses, skirts and skimpy tops, rompers and others provocative designs.

When you are looking for sexy referee costumes this Halloween you need to remember the other things which go along with it. Athletic sneakers like black Converse-like high tops with white laces are a popular add on. You will also need knee high basketball socks; preferably white socks with horizontal bands at the top. To complete the outfit you'll also need a referee whistle which you can blow - how flirty! When you're wearing one of the sexy referee dresses, a pair of sporty black shorts worn underneath will give you a more athletic look.

Sexy referee costumes are perfect for the sports lover or partner of a sports lover and can really add another dimension to your relationship. If you're just going out for a party with the girls, being the referee can really help keep order to your party.