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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Superhero Costumes

Sexy costumes abound whether for Halloween or that themed party and none are better than unleashing your inner super hero persona. The choice is yours, from classic hero alter egos to the proverbial hero gone-bad. You can choose from sexy Spiderwoman outfits, to Batgirl and if you are feeling particularly evil, try Poison Ivy. There are no rules with these costumes. Our aim is to flatter and fit, with sex appeal as a top priority, while your only worry should be how much fun you are going to have wearing it.

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Of course, there is more to this than just exuding sex appeal - while nabbing the hot dude in the Batman costume might be on your wish list, these alter egos go way back in our culture's rich history and make for some serious ice breakers. First made popular via comic books with the first known creation of a female hero dating as far back as 1940, these heroines - and their evil counterparts - have catapulted their way into our hearts. Sexy Superheroes costumes have their place at every costume party, comic convention and bedroom.

Have a look through our selection for your all-time favorites and decide which one makes you feel the most powerful - Wonder Woman, Sassy Ninja Turtles, Ironette? Its up to you. There is something to fit all tastes and styles, and be sure to create an alter ego persona for yourself this time around! You might be protecting human life from arch villains bent on destroying Earth, using your super human strength, x-ray vision or other applicable super power to fight evil. Be creative and, maybe even get your friends to join in the fun by coming up with a story line together, creating a mix of superhero and super villain fun! These parties are all about having fun, and your costume should reflect this - it's all about sexy super hero costumes for you!

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