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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Thanksgiving Costumes

While a holiday like Thanksgiving may mean to you turkey and stuffing; football and family; there is also another side to this holiday. For many people, Thanksgiving means getting tribal as the natives once dressed. You may have never thought of Thanksgiving as all that "sexy" a holiday but there are many sexy Thanksgiving costumes for you to choose from when Thanksgiving is the theme.

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Sexy Cherokee Warrior Indian adult costume is one of the nicest things to look at. With a beaded top which barely covers what's required, it may not be exactly what the Native American wore in the 1600s but your turkey dinner isn't really what they ate either so take some artistic license where you can.

Another sexy Thanksgiving costume is the sexy tribal Indian princess costume. Come give thanks to the gods for your plentiful bounty, and we don't mean dinner! This costume includes authentic elements with a very sexy style. Add in the headdress and the tiny hatchet and you are set to take on the world.

The sexy native maiden costumes come in a couple of different styles and each lends themselves back to the sexy Thanksgiving costumes motif. The adult Indian dream catcher costume is another one which many of us who had one of these dream catchers would enjoy. If a sultry lady in this costume were hovering over our beds though you can bet that there would be very little sleep, generally. The dreams, if and when they came though, would be spectacular.

We don't have a sexy pilgrim costume for Thanksgiving but if you had a private dinner with just your lover, you could wear the pilgrim apron, cuffs and hat set..and nothing else.

These are just some of the sexy Thanksgiving costumes which are available for sale. If you wear any of these outfits, You will have many things for which to be Thankful.

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