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Sexy Costumes

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Sexy Witch Costumes

Thought to wield secret, dark and all-encompassing powers, witches have long been associated with dark robes, pointy hats and occasionally, grotesque faces. However, a new take on an old trend is bound to be the hit of any Halloween party. This year, venture out as a tantalizing, fetching, too-hot Wicca with our collection of sexy witch costumes.

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Instead of limiting yourself to the classic, occasionally tired look of long black robes and pointed hats, consider adding a splash of color to the mix. It'll give you a sweet, upbeat look sure to speak to a flirtatious, playful you. Try our signature sexy conjurer costume from our collection, for a teasing, mouth-watering hot witch's look. In addition to black, some feature a splash of green, purple or pink for a candy-coated look.

For the girl who wishes to stay true to darkness, there are a number of selections to choose from. Consider being a sultry sorceress, or the sexy glitter enchantress. For versatility, look for styles that you can wear in a variety of ways by changing the bewitching accessories. Each of our seductive choices offers a decidedly new take on the traditional black witch's garb, yet offers a flattering, provocative look. The sultry occultist is a true standout for Halloween - so much more interesting than a traditional green Elphaba - can include features such as feather trimmed hat, sheer fabrics and short robes.

No sexy Muggle costume is complete without a broom. However, our provocative collection allows you to select a broom which truly complements the look you're working to achieve. Our selection of other accessories like shoes, hats and jewelry can create a one-of-a-kind style using your favorite little black dress. Whatever your look, whether classic, candy-coated, contemporary, or to-die-for, our sexy witch Halloween costumes and accessories are sure to please.

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