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How to Get Sexy Smokey Eyes

Ramp up your drop-dead-diva style with some smolderingly sexy makeup. It’s up to you: full-on sex symbol, subtly seductive, or flirtatious and fun? No matter what you choose, there’s a makeup tutorial to match your mood and your sexy costume tonight! These easy to follow tutorials give you step by step instructions to help recreate some of the hottest looks you’ve seen on celebrities and in magazines. The talented ladies who make these tutorials will give you all sorts of tips and tricks and celebrity makeup artist secrets that you can use for a night out in costume or to revamp your daily routine.

Sexy Bombshell Makeup

If you’re looking to make a statement with a really dramatic look, this is the tutorial for you. This style is all about bold eyes framed by flashy silvery makeup. At the 3:18-minute mark the presenter highlights the inner corner of the eyes with an extra bright silver shade. This will make your eyes appear bigger and more open. Finish off with a glossy pink lip and you’ll be ready to rock their socks off!

Makeup That Lasts All Night

Featuring sultry eyes and a nude lip, this tutorial shows you a sophisticated and sexy makeup for your big night out. You’ll learn techniques which will help your makeup stay beautiful all night long, no matter how much dancing, hugging, and sweating you do! Their tips for camera-friendly makeup will make sure you’re looking your best in all those party photos. For example, at the 3:10-minute marker, they mention that it’s better not to use foundations containing SPF or minerals as they can make you look washed out in photographs! Who knew?

Budget Babe

Get a hot look for less! Using only drug-store products, you can create a look that’s as affordable as it is alluring. The tip at the 4:50-minute marker tells you how to get the most out of an inexpensive eyeliner. By going over the liquid eyeliner with black eyeshadow, you make it last longer while adding a hot smokey effect. You’ll end up with a theatrically doe-eyed look, complete with false eyelashes and a slick of sheer lipstick.

Shimmering Dark Angel Makeup

An extreme cat eye gives this look an exciting hard edge, but the sheer shimmering colors used on the rest of the face will help you light up the room. This look will require a little more patience and attention to detail, but the final effect is breathtaking.Top tip? Check out the 4:00 minute mark to see how dabbing a tiny bit of concealer in the center of your lips can accentuate your sexy pout.

Playboy Bunny

This detailed tutorial guides you step by step through the process of becoming a modern pin-up girl straight out of a glossy magazine. This look is all about shimming highlights and eyes that really pop. Full of tips from the makeup artists of stars like Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, and the Girls Next Door. At the 7:10-minute mark, you’ll even learn the secret to Marilyn Monroe’s sleepy bedroom eyes! Take your time to get this one right and you’ll have them staring at you all night long.


The Kardashians rule reality TV, and you can steal the show at your next costume party by borrowing a bit of Kardashian glitz and glamor. These makeup tutorials will show you how to get the girls’ signature look in minutes..

Kardashian Part 1:

Learn how to copy the trademark Kardashian cat eyes, using a beautiful blend of pink and plum eyeshadows. The trick to perfecting the Kardashian eye shape comes at the 2:30-minute mark, where you see how creating a triangle for dark color at the corner of the eye really makes it pop.

Kardashian Part 2:

You can complete your Kardashian makeover with this second tutorial which focuses on getting the contours of the face right with the help of blush, highlights, and as they say at the 2:20 minute mark, the one thing Kim Kardashian never leaves the house without: bronzer!

Give Sexy Makeup a Try:

Kim Kardashian and her sisters are regarded as some of the sexiest women alive, and their makeup artists deserve a lot of credit for that. One of the most essential parts of any sexy makeup look is the smokey eye, and the Kardashian sisters are big fans of it. Each of these tutorials shows you a different twist on this classic look. You’ll also learn how to bring out your best features with contouring, shaping, and highlighting. Several of the tutorials will show you budget friendly products you can pick up at any drug store so you don’t have to spend all of your cash on expensive cosmetics. Whether you’re going out for a night of drinks and dancing with your girl friends or hitting up a Halloween party as a sexy pirate or superhero, these makeup tutorials as well as our sexy hairstyle tutorials will give you the best tips and tricks to make you look like you’ve had a professional makeover!

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