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Sleeping Beauty Costumes

Sleeping Beauty Costumes

Sleeping Beauty costumes are the perfect Halloween choice if you have you ever wanted to don a tiara, a beautiful satin pink dress, with a regal collar and search for a magical kiss from your Prince Charming? Halloween is the perfect time to let your beauty shine through and become a Disney princess. Disney's Sleeping Beauty costumes come in several styles and an adult one size fits most style. Girls can choose a long pink Aurora gown with gold accents. The frock is created with a gold peplum at the waist. There is a character cameo at the neck line. Another option available is a shorter gold-flecked ballerina dress. A shinier choice is available with a satiny peplum accented by pink rosettes. The adult version of the Aurora Beauty dress sweeps the floor with pink satin. It has a regal white collar and gold lacing accents at the bodice. Of course, some may need a tiara to finish off your enchanting look.

Sleeping Beauty wouldn't have left the castle without her princess wand. Select the extra regal accessories to complete your ensemble. We have available wands, ballet slippers and pristine white gloves. The Aurora blond wig is the perfect finishing touch.

We will help you look regal by putting everything together for your next Halloween party. The Sleeping Beauty Halloween costumes and accessories, as well as any item in stock will be shipped typically by 4PM every business day.

You will be blessed with the gift of beauty just Maleficent's godchild Aurora was, and you might even meet Prince Charming and receive a magical kiss. So look your best in the shimmering Sleeping Beauty costume and have your Disney wish come true..

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