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Spider-Man Costumes

Arguably the most recognizable comic character in Marvel Universe, The Amazing Spider-Man is admired by children and adults alike for his special powers and personality. We are the best source for Spider-Man Halloween costumes. Once a college student named Peter Parker, the amazing transformation to a greater destiny began when he was bitten by a radioactive spider. Peter is still a college student, but he is more than a man, he has not taken on the identity of a crime fighter. Featured in several different comic book series, he was voted as one of the top ten most intelligent comic book heroes of all time. He is also a superhero that teens are able to identify with, resulting in his long lasting reign as a favorite hero.

Growing from the shy high school teen to a troubled college student, Peter Parker has to juggle his normal life and the life of a superhero. Being endowed with a special powers called spider senses, allowing him to sense imminent dangers right before it happens saving countless citizens as a result. Also like a spider, He can scale walls and shoot webs that are stronger than steel.

Live the exhilarating life of an arachnid superhero with the wide range of traditional Spider-Man costumes for children and adults as well as the newest Amazing Spider-man skinsuit based on the most recent movie, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" released in 2014. After you are done with catching bad guys in webs, climbing walls and swinging past sky scrapers, don't forget to take off that mask before you pay Mary Jane a visit! We have a wide variety of coordinating accessories such as gloves and boots to further enhance your outfit make to your Halloween experience even more awesome.

Following the storyline of the most recent movie, we offer the outfits for some of the new characters such as Electro and Lizard. In other movies we see Peter Parker fight and defend the citizens of New York while shooting webs and swinging from buildings but his greatest fight always seem to be the enemy within: being torn between his life as Peter Parker and his responsibilities as a superhero. However, in this movie, he comes to realize that his greatest foes have a common bond: OsCorp.

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