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St Patrick's Day

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St Patrick's Day Costume Accessories

Whether you're looking for a traditional or more modern Mardi Gras look, you'll find the finishing touch on our Mardi Gras accessories page. We have items like masks, beads, hats, eyelashes, boas and metallic wigs. No matter what costume you're trying to complete, you'll find what you're looking for on this page.

Mardi Gras is an annual carnival celebration that begins around Epiphany, the Christian feast day that celebrates the visitation of the Magi (three wise men) to the baby Jesus. The celebration ends the day before Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent and 46 days before Easter. Lent is about six weeks long, and many fast or give up luxuries as a form of penitence. "Mardi Gras" is French for "Fat Tuesday," and it gets its name because people eat fatty foods and party before they have to give those activities up for Lent.

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Wearing masks and costumes is part of the Mardi Gras tradition because of the emphasis on pleasure and celebration. In the early days of Mardi Gras in ancient Rome, people dressed like spectres and indulged themselves in "voluntary madness." Masks were very popular at Venetian carnivals, and were used since the 13th century. There were several styles, and they were made from leather, glass, porcelain, and/or gold leaf. Some even had feathers, gems and hand painting.

Beads have been used at Mardi Gras since at least the late 1800s. They were thrown from floats to parade-goers, and were usually multi-colored strings of glass beads. In the 1960s, plastic beads replaced glass beads, and were imported from Asian countries. Since the 1990s, larger and more elaborate beads have been popular. They are often purple, green and gold, the traditional colors of Mardi Gras.

You'll be ready for some madness of your own when you pick up one of our wide selection of Mardi Gras accessories. We have everything from traditional items like masks to even wackier items like elf shoes and the jester skull cane. Get ready to party with one of our festive Mardi Gras add-ons.

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