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St. Patrick's Day

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St Patrick's Day Fun Stuff

On our website, we call all of our St. Patrick's Day novelties and party supplies St. Patrick's Day Fun Stuff. Fun stuff represents humorous accessories and supplies that enhance your St. Patrick's Day experience. High on the list are St. Patrick's Day shot glasses in various forms. For example, we have suspenders with shot glass holders, shot glass rings, garters and hats. For those of us who prefer beer to Irish whiskey, we also have a double beer can hat so you can keep you hands free for eating your corned beef and cabbage.

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Fun stuff are items to add after you have gotten your costume and accessories. If you have a great green outfit already and you're looking for something that will be a great party starter then this is the section to shop. Since St. Patrick's Day is make everyone an honorary Irishman for the day our fun stuff has humorous tag lines like "Buy Me a Shot, Irish or Not" and "Irish Whisky Makes Me Frisky" and "Irish Today, Hung Over Tomorrow."

These are fun novelties that can be used every year. You will look forward to making them a St. Patrick's Day tradition.