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Storytelling, Drama, Creative Dramatics, and Puppetry Resources

Storytelling Resources:

  • Tim Sheppard's Storytelling Resource: comprehensive information on the art of storytelling

  • Story Arts Online: ideas and activities for storytelling in the classroom

  • Storytelling- Passport to the 21st Century: explores the art of storytelling from different life perspectives

  • Eldrbarry: manual for beginning storytellers

  • Center for Digital Storytelling: a non-profit community which promotes the art of personal digital storytelling

  • Searching Out Stories: searchable archive of stories, organized into categories

  • The Storytelling Site: workshops, lesson plans, and historical storytelling information

  • International Storytelling Center: Outlines six types of stories that influence others

  • New Mexico State University: Information and theory on about storytelling and its leaders

  • Scholastic: myths and folktales from around the world

Drama Resources:

Creative Dramatics Resources:

  • KMR Scripts: workshop materials and handbook for creative drama acting

  • Yale- New Haven Teachers Institute: curriculum and lesson plan for dramatic playmaking

  • Creative Drama: definition and resource information for creative drama and theatre education

  • Improv Encyclopedia: provides terminology references, instruction, and exercises for dramatic improvisation

  • Interactive Improv: discussed drama in education and the benefits of drama therapy

  • Jellybeans Creative Learning: explains creative dramatic play, and its educational and developmental benefits

  • Child Drama: offers a large selection of classroom drama lesson plans, sorted by age level and type

  • New Horizons: the importance of creative dramatics in the classroom

  • Aaron Sheppard's Readers Theater: Free information, resources, and children's plays

  • Susan C. Anthony: history, ideas, and activities geared toward children to encourage creative dramatics

Puppetry Resources:

  • The Puppetry Home Page: information on traditions and the use of puppetry around the world

  • Sagecraft: outlines the historical development of puppetry

  • Puppeteers of America: a non-profit organization dedicated to the encouragement of puppetry art

  • Shadow Puppets: the history and art of the shadow puppeteer

  • Bunraku: introduction and history of Bunraku, the traditional Japanese puppet theater

  • Punch and Judy College of Professors: explores the history and longevity of Punch and Judy marionettes who have entertained for well over three centuries

  • UNIMA-USA: resource for international puppetry information, and promotes friendship through international puppetry

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