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Teen 80's Costumes

Being a child of the 80's was a blessing. The 80's were cool enough to exploit even the nerds and not being popular in high school wasn't as heartbreaking when mainstream popular culture included movies like "Weird Science" and "The Breakfast Club." Also, teenagers back then were lucky enough to experience music, from the heavy metal hair band genre when songs were fun and sang about parties. We were cool enough that we could get away with wearing spandex and hairspray everyday, and still look cool while bangin' our heads to the beat of the FM radio.

But kids these days are starting to catch up. Today's forms of electro and indie music are new-age carbon copies of the 80's English electronic punk infusion your parents grew up with. The funniest thing is how the high tech gadgets of the 80's like calculator-wrist-watches have given way to the Smartphones of today. Nevertheless, teens are experiencing a rebirth of 80s music and style.

Teens don't have to scour thrift stores to find authentic 80s clothes. Leave those mothball ridden items for someone else. Buy your 80s Halloween costumes from us and find authentic style with brand new outfits that your friends will love. You can get Halloween costumes complete with mesh tops, leotards, headbands and big-hair rockstar wigs!