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Teen Costumes

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Teen Egyptian & Arabian Costumes

The Middle East was one of the original cradles of civilization, and the countries that grew from it are remembered to this day. And whether you want to pay homage to the long ago and far away, or you just want to have something unique to wear to this year's big costume party, you could be a real head turner in a teen Egyptian or Arabian Halloween costume.

Looking for more? Check out our costume selection for: Girls, Boys, Womens, Mens, Sexy and Plus Size or visit our Egyptian/Arabian theme page to shop for the whole family.

  • Teen Yo! Mummy Costume
    Teen Yo! Mummy Costume
    Reg: $40.99
  • Toga Teen Costume
    Toga Teen Costume
  • Egyptian Princess Teen Costume
    Egyptian Princess Teen Costume
    Reg: $35.94
  • Teen Yo! Mummy Costume
    Teen Yo! Mummy Costume
    Reg: $24.99
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There's actually a pretty wide variety, even within the realm of Egyptian/Arabian themes. Whether you want to emulate Cleopatra and the Pharaohs, or you'd prefer to give yourself more of an Arabian Nights theme, there are Egyptian and Arabian costumes for teenagers aplenty to give you all the options you could need for even the most eclectic get together. And if you want to get really creative with your costuming there's always the option to mix and match what you find to create your own, unique twist on something. Just as a for instance you could wrap yourself up before putting on Cleopatra's dress and jewels, showcasing the famous princess after her unfortunate end at the fangs of an asp. See, it's as simple as that.